Best Web Hosting Recommendation – 2021

2021 best web hosting recommendations. In this article, we will introduce some leading foreign web hosting providers in detail, including Wealthy Affiliate, InMotionA2Hosting, DreamHostBluehostHostGatorHostinger, etc. This is the latest WordPress hosting review on this site in 2021. The virtual hosting introduced here comes from a well-known web hosting service company, and all companies have various annual and monthly plans.

In order to help newbie friends choose the best web host that suits their specific needs in 2021, each company will be introduced in detail. For friends who like to make money online, if you own a host, you will find that setting up a niche website to make money is an easy and trouble-free thing.

2021 Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Hostinger – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Cheapest Web Hosting

Hostinger deserves to be the cheapest web host, the price is as low as $0.99/month, which is enough for novices to build an entry-level website.

Best Web Hosting Recommendation

  1. Hostinger – Cheapest web hosting
  2. Wealthy Affiliate – Best Niche Niche Website Hosting
  3. HostGator – The best beginner web hosting
  4. Bluehost – The most popular host
  5. Dreamhost – High-quality hosting and cloud hosting
  6. A2Hosting – Fast, high-quality, green, and environmentally hosting
  7. InMotion – Best Enterprise Web Hosting
  8. Hostpapa – Best for beginners and small businesses
  9. Siteground – The most popular e-commerce hosting
  10. HawkHost – A must-have host for beginners

I started to build a niche website in 2018. In the beginning, my website was hosted on another company’s host, but as time went on, I found some best web hosting recommendation articles and I finally chose WA (wealthy affiliate) host to host my website. My blog site was established by purchasing VPS separately. It does not mean that other hosts are not good, they are all very good because each host provider’s products are to meet the needs of specific users. Therefore, when buying a host, just choose the one that suits you.

Hostinger – Cheapest Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Hostinger – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Cheapest Web Hosting

Hostinger deserves to be the cheapest web host, the price is as low as $0.99/month, which is enough for novices to build an entry-level website.

As of 2021, Hostinger is still one of the best web hosting recommendations in the market today. The lowest price web host they provide is only $0.99/mo. This price host is suitable for novices to purchase to build a blog site, but it should be noted that the renewal price will become $2.15/mo.

Hostinger has many good plans and can optimize all plans for WordPress. We particularly like that even the cheapest plan provides some level of SSH access for those who need it. The company earns points for providing SSD performance, dedicated IP, and regular backups for certain plans. 

What makes web hosting companies unique is that their first year hosting prices are less than one dollar per month. The first foreign virtual host recommended here is only 99 cents a month, which is only 1 cent away from 1 US dollar. This is the cheapest hosting plan we have seen, although the price of cheap hosting did increase after the first year. In fact, most of the company’s plans will increase after the promotional price expires. 

Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, with the wording stated, we hope that more providers will use: “If for any reason you decide not to continue using Hostinger, we will refund your purchase in full without any problems. ”If you have any questions, the company can provide customer support via an online chat hotline 24/7. 

Wealthy Affiliate – Best Niche Niche Website Hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Best Niche Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate (Also called WA) has members from all over the world who are engaged in online business (make money online). In 2020, the WA website will be revised and the membership fee will increase (of course the service is better). If you plan to make money online, you can After joining WA, the first week is to open all courses, tools, etc. to novices. You can directly build a website in the WA background. The operation steps are very simple. The most important thing is that the website established in WA can request community members for your website. Leaving high-quality reviews is conducive to SEO and website rankings. More content can join WA learning through the invite button.

Niche websites are a way to make money by building your own website. For more information about the niche, you can read about what is a niche on this site. Wealthy affiliate is a website created through SiteRubix. For friends who don’t know WA, you can create a free website through the shortcut below.

SiteRubix is the best web hosting recommendation, your can build a free website.

If you want to stick to and keep doing online business to make money, join Wealthy Affiliate, and become a premium member of WA. It can send you domain names for free; of course, you can also register domain names separately, which is actually After premium membership, isn’t it more fragrant to give away for free? The premise is that you have to spend a membership fee of $495/year. This price is the usual price, and it will not cost so much on Black Friday every year.

HostGator – The best beginner web hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 1
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

HostGator – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

The Best Beginner Web Hosting

HostGator‘s start-up plan is suitable for novices, provides free top-level domains (com, net, org), and comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and free SSL certificates.

Best Web Hosting Recommendation

HostGator may be one of the largest and oldest full-scale web hosting companies in the industry, but they are still improving, with an average uptime of 99.98% over the past 24 months. Their start plan is suitable for novices, provides free top-level domain names (com, net, org), and comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. Although their customer service is enthusiastic, sometimes it can’t solve your actual problems.

Whether you are just starting out and need a very basic shared hosting plan, or need to be able to operate your own computer dedicated to your company, HostGator can help.

We like how HostGator not only allows more sophisticated site builders to customize their dedicated or virtual servers but also chooses Linux or Windows hosting. Although HostGator does not support SSD storage in all plans, many of its servers can be equipped with faster drives.

HostGator, along with free cPanel or Plesk, has earned points for uptime monitoring and regular backups. We like that more technical site operators can use SSH and can purchase dedicated IP addresses. With a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, HostGator has a hosting solution for almost everyone.

Bluehost – The most popular host

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 2
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Bluehost – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

The most popular web hosting

BlueHost is one of the most popular hosting companies, and you can often see its advertisements on other websites, so its popularity is quite high. In addition, Bluehost is also one of the official recommended hosts for WordPress.

When you register Bluehost, you will get a free domain name for the first year and a free SSL certificate (allowing you to use a secure website for your own personal or business).

If you are a novice and are planning to use WordPress hosting to build your first blog or niche website, then Bluehost, a virtual hosting provider, is also one of the providers you should consider. Although managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than basic shared hosting, the company also offers specific WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans (and management support). The virtual host also provides site migration services at an additional cost.

Web hosting providers earn bonus points for their strategy of implementing regular daily backups, even on the lowest-priced shared hosting accounts. But please note that the promotional price on cheap shared hosting will increase after the promotional period. That said, Bluehost offers 24/7 phone support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and SSH access for certain plan options.

Dreamhost – High-quality hosting and cloud hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 3
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Dreamhost – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

One of the high-quality and most stable hosts

Dreamhost is one of the best service providers in the web hosting field and one of the officials recommended hosts for WordPress. We like other aspects of Dreamhost: First of all, the company’s pricing is quite transparent. There are no hidden traps in the rate. In addition, the web hosting company offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. The risk of trying to use this virtual hosting service is almost zero.

Since its establishment in 1997, DreamHost has been an independent web hosting company with offices in Los Angeles and Brea, California, and Portland, Oregon. Over the years, DreamHost has been known for its generous 97-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting plans. It introduced cloud hosting and computing services to expand its product portfolio and increase reliability. Most of DreamHost’s packages are geared towards individuals and Startup companies. It provides room for growth through dedicated servers and VPS hosting and also supports e-commerce.

The virtual hosts it provides are unlimited monthly traffic, which is particularly noticeable. If your website traffic is very large, you can consider using the hosting provided by Dreamhost.

A2Hosting – Fast, high-quality, green, and environmentally hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 4
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

A2Hosting – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

A Web hosting known for its fast speed

A2Hosting is a leading developer-friendly hosting service provider that provides unlimited flexibility and all the features needed to build a website. They offer an industry-leading money-back guarantee at any time, so you can host your site through A2 Hosting risk-free. A2 Hosting has good prices and fast servers. Compared with competitors’ solutions, its page load speed can be increased by up to 20 times.

A2 Hosting is right to do a lot of things, which is why we think A2 Hosting is one of the best Web Hosting providers. This web hosting service provides Linux and Windows-based servers, SSD, cache, CDN, and SSL for all plans. While some plans provide uptime monitoring and regular backups, all plans provide malware scanning and automatic patching and updates.

The web hosting provider provides a reliable plan and provides many features. One aspect of our concern is how it showcases its web hosting services. Like many hosting providers, their published prices are somewhat misleading. Unless you pay $71 for two years of service, you won’t get hosting services for $2.96 per month. Although the salesperson we spoke with suggested that you ask for a “loyalty discount,” the renewal rate is usually higher.

The company offers a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee, called an “anytime” money-back guarantee. Yes. . . You can request a refund at any time, but after the first 30 days, the amount of the refund depends on the complex proration system.

InMotion – Best Enterprise Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 5
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

InMotion Hosting – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Best Enterprise Web Hosting

If you are looking for a reasonably priced web hosting package in the market that offers a lot of excellent features, especially for WordPress, then Inmotion is the one you want to consider. We found them to be reliable, with fast servers, good uptime, and excellent customer support

We especially like the company’s free backup and SSH access, even on its low-end plans. WordPress support integrated with WP-CLI is also provided.

These are some of the reasons why the company received the highest ratings. It provides an all-solid-state drive infrastructure. In addition to ticket, email and live chat support options, it also provides 24/7 telephone customer support. It provides basic website migration function because it will unzip the website saved from another cPanel instance. It provides free SSL and free malware detection.

In order to win, InMotion provides a complete 90-day money-back guarantee. Most importantly, here is a special money-saving tip. In the chat session where prices and quotations were confirmed, the operator offered me some special prices and offers, which reduced the published price by a few dollars. I was also told that although the promotional price does increase at the end of the quotation period if you contact the customer service department, InMotion will provide a “loyal customer discount”, which may bring the price down.

Hostpapa – Best for beginners and small businesses

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 6
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Hostpapa – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

The best small business website host

HostPapa is a well-known and established foreign hosting service provider. It has data centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe through beginner-friendly hosts for small businesses and beginners, providing Linux and Windows plans.

HostPapa was founded in 1998 and operates three state-of-the-art data centers. The company is equipped with multiple GigE fiber connections to the Internet backbone network, built earthquake-resistant racks and cabinets, a fully redundant Liebert HVAC cooling system, a diesel generator that can run for several weeks, and a pre-action main fire extinguishing system.

All these infrastructures have been built to support various managed services. The family-owned company provided free AutoSSL and Let’s Encrypt SSL encryption to provide a way to understand the importance of transaction security. When the company provides comprehensive services to customers with strong technical capabilities, it also provides the option of Weebly website builder to help you get up and running quickly.

Some plans provide SSD performance, and although no uptime monitoring is provided, the company has also gained recognition for providing Linux and Windows plans.

For technically inclined users, SSH access is available, but an additional fee of $2/month is required. This is a dedicated IP address. The company allows backups through its various dashboards and allows customers to build scripts to automate the backup process. Although the company does not automatically perform malware scans, you can perform a scan as needed.

Siteground – The most popular e-commerce hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 7
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

Siteground – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

The most popular e-commerce hosting

Many personal blogs, business blogs, comprehensive websites, and trade stores are using Siteground. It is also one of the officially recommended hosts for WordPress, with data centers all over the United States, Europe, and Asia. Siteground’s average page load time is 514 milliseconds, faster than the industry average of 890 milliseconds, and it is also one of the fastest web hosting hosts we have ever seen.

SiteGround is in the middle ground between consumer web hosting providers and providers that meet the needs of enterprise business solutions. If your small business has more complex web requirements than a typical small business, then SiteGround is the ideal solution.

Although the product starts at as low as $3.95 per month, we particularly like the company’s GoGeek plan, which is full of useful features, including access to staging servers and one-click creation of Git repurchase agreements.

SiteGround has a lot to mention, but the web hosting company did lose some points because its policy is to more than double the cost of hosting after the first year. Nice price of $3.95/month up to $11.95 per month. The company says this is a discount for the first year, but this is a very small light gray print.

On the positive side, SiteGround provides free daily automatic backups, access to Cloudflare CDN, high-performance SSDs for all plans, unlimited email accounts, and free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates integrated into the site. The company does limit bandwidth and storage, but even those users who claim to provide so-called unlimited bandwidth and storage, its terms of service actually have some restrictions.

SiteGround proactively protects the safety of customers. It has a dedicated security team responsible for writing necessary patches and web firewall rules to help mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities. It also uses an AI-based system to dynamically monitor patches and apply them to all servers.

Finally, the company provides the entire customized enterprise business service layer. Therefore, if you start GrowBig as a small business (because its mid-tier plan has been named), you can stay in the company no matter how big your company is.

HawkHost – A must-have host for beginners

Best Web Hosting Recommendation - 2021 8
Best Web Hosting Recommendation

HawkHost – Best Web Hosting Recommendation

A must-have host for novice webmasters

HawkHost is well-known by domestic friends and is also called Eagle Host. It is a hosting service provider that is popular among domestic webmasters. It supports Alipay payment and is also a must-have foreign host product for novice webmasters.

HawkHost is called Eagle Host in China because its logo is an eagle, and it is also a hosting service provider that is very popular among domestic webmasters. It supports Alipay payment and is also a must-have foreign host product for novice webmasters. Eagle hosting, like other foreign service providers, also provides a variety of hosting services, such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, distribution hosting, cloud hosting, etc.; its VPS hosting is the same as other VPS hosting service providers, you can buy To build your own online tool.

HawkHost is the best web hosting recommendation and often has discounts. When you visit its website, you may see a discount code for you. The domestic friends of the Eagle host can choose the Los Angeles and Singapore computer rooms. The domestic speed is still good. If the speed is not good, you can use a free Cloudflare CDN.

Buy web hosting Tips

When purchasing a web hosting solution, please note the following

After the promotion period, the price increased significantly

Many foreign web hosting companies have a low “starting price”, but they usually need to purchase a two to three year plan to get the lowest price, which is the same as the domestic routine. After the promotional period, the renewal price of some web hosting services may be twice, three times or even four times the initial promotional price. Although the initial transaction may be unbelievable, even with the cheapest web hosting services, the cost of transferring sites (or paying additional fees) within a few years may have to be taken into account.

What is the real meaning of “infinite”

No matter how much bandwidth, disk storage and sites you use, many web hosting services provide so-called unlimited or unlimited traffic. It is important to understand that most terms of service actually do limit the definition of “unlimited” to fair use. The bottom line is simple: if you are building a very basic website, then unlimited bandwidth means you don’t need to worry. However, if you try to do something superfluous (or illegal, unethical or marginal), it will trigger the provisions in the terms of service of the hosting platform and require you to spend more money or move your phone.

Page Builders

Most of the websites installed on foreign virtual hosts provide a visual editor (Page Builders), allowing you to easily drag and drop items to build pages. These are very useful for getting started, but they usually lock you in the service. Most of the visual editors (Page Builders) are proprietary to the service provider, or if you think it is necessary, you will not create portable HTML to easily move it to other services.

Extra migration service is great

These virtual hosting service providers all provide migration services (website moving), but some of them require payment to provide them. These services can help move your existing site to a new hosting provider. They can save a lot of trouble. Keep in mind that the migration process is usually automated and may suit the process and needs of the host, not your needs. Not everything can be migrated. In the long run, you may find that the organizational structure of the newly migrated site makes maintenance more difficult.

More information about website hosting

Best Web Hosting Recommendation
2021 Best Web Hosting Recommendation

You can also find other more suitable hosting services according to your needs. Hosting services such as cloud hosting, e-commerce hosting, reseller hosting and managed WordPress hosting provide customers with great flexibility.

If you want to ensure that you have a lot of storage space and allow the use of cloud computing to achieve, cloud hosting is a good choice. Choosing cloud-based hosting has many advantages, such as guaranteed server resources, redundant data storage and unlimited website growth.

E-commerce hosting is the choice of many e-commerce websites. In addition to providing customers with the functions of an e-commerce website, many web hosting service providers can also provide you with a web server to host your website, as well as an email server and other standard web hosting functions.

Reseller hosting is the ideal choice for users who are interested in using their allocated hard disk space and bandwidth to represent third-party hosting websites . To this end, resellers will need to buy hosting services in wholesale and then sell them separately to customers for potential profits at retail prices.

For customers interested in creating customized websites,  WordPress hosting is the ideal platform. WordPress is popular among customers because it allows you to use various templates, plugins, and widgets to build professional custom websites.

What should I do after choosing a provider?

After choosing a provider, you can open an account with a monthly plan that suits your needs. If you are still not sure which plan is right for you, please call their customer support staff and help you during the registration process. Companies usually charge a monthly fee from the credit card, but some companies will also offer a one-time discount for the annual fee.

After selecting a provider, it is strongly recommended that you test the Internet speed to ensure timely data processing. You can use the Speed the Test to immediately evaluate your load time as well as the current Internet upload and download speeds.

How to speed up your website? How to find the fastest web hosting provider?

People usually think that website hosting is the main cause of website slowness, but this is not the case. When choosing a hosting provider, it is important to find a hosting provider that has a close relationship with your users and has large memory (RAM) and multi-core CPU capabilities. In addition, the establishment of a website usually slows down users. To ensure that your website speed is most suitable for users, you need to make sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Reduce HTTP requests. This means we limit the number of requests required to download the page
  • Enable server caching. Using server caching, after downloading the content, store the content locally to allow faster access to the content and reduce the burden on the web server.
  • Enable compression of larger files. Compression reduces the bandwidth of the file, thereby reducing the HTTP response.
  • Remove all unnecessary code or plugins.
  • Optimize the image. This will reduce the size of the entire page.

There are many other ways to increase website speed, but these are the most influential projects.

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