Best 16 cheap Webhosting

If you are a novice and plan to build your own niche website, in addition to buying a domain name, buying Webhosting is the next thing to do. You can use virtual hosting to build a blog website, niche website; or you own a business and want to host a website, Well, of the best 16 cheap Webhosting providers here, there is always one that suits you, and I will also introduce you to virtual hosts that meet specific needs.

2 years ago, I started to build a niche website. At the beginning, my website was hosted on another company’s host, but as time went by, I finally chose WA (wealthy affiliate) host to host my website, And my blog site was established by purchasing VPS separately. It’s not that other hosts are not good, they are all very good because each host provider’s products are to meet the needs of specific users. Therefore, when buying a host, just choose the one that suits you.

Best 16 cheap Webhosting
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

So what are their prices for Best 16 cheap Webhosting providers?

Cheap Webhosting Ranking (Price Low to high)

#NamePriceSitesRatingBuy Link
1hostinger$0.99/mo1★★★★ Buy
2Wealthy Affiliate$49/mo25★★★★★ Buy
3namecheap$1.44/mo3★★★★ Buy
4Namesilo$2.39/mo1★★★★ Buy
5HostGator$2.75/mo1★★★★ Buy
6fastcomet$2.95/mo1★★★★ Buy
7dreamhost$2.59/mo1★★★★ Buy
8hawkhost$2.99/moUNLIMITED★★★★ Buy
9hostwinds$3.29/mo1★★★★ Buy
10knownhost$3.47/mo1★★★★ Buy
11domain$3.75/mo1★★★★ Buy
12a2hosting$3.92/mo1★★★★ Buy
13siteground$3.95/mo1★★★★ Buy
14bluehost$3.95/mo1★★★★ Buy
15hostpapa$3.95/mo2★★★★ Buy
16InMotion$6.39/mo2★★★★ Buy

Best 16 cheap Webhosting

It should be noted that in the above table, you can see that wealthy affiliate ranks in the second position, which is calculated based on comprehensive indicators. If you look at the price alone, its price is the highest, and the fact is, The monthly payment for the host provided by a wealthy affiliate is $49/mo, but if you join a wealthy affiliate to become a premium member, the price for one year is $358/year (for Black Friday purchases at $299/year), plus you can establish 25 There are 2 top-level domain websites and 25 second-level domain websites provided by 25 WA.

Therefore, based on comprehensive indicators, WA is worth recommending. Of course, we can’t adopt this algorithm, nor can we compare it like this, because it may be unfair to other hosting providers. In fact, many people who like to make money online like the hosting provided by wealthy affiliates.

Cheap Webhosting – Based on the opinions of the cheapest plan

If you are looking for a home for a website, consider the 16 services on this list. For those who want to set up personal blogs, niche websites or corporate clients, these 16 hosting service providers offer web hosting services worth buying.

Hostinger- cheapest web hosting abroad

Cheapest web hosting abroad
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

As of 2020, Hostinger is still one of the cheapest foreign web hosting providers in the market today. The lowest price web host they provide is only $0.99/mo. This price host is suitable for novices to buy to build a blog site, but it should be noted that the renewal price will become $2.15/mo.advantage:

  •  The cheapest web hosting
  •  Provide monthly 100G traffic
  •  All-day support
  •  Free CDN
  •  Easy Website Builder


  •  No daily backup
  •  No free domain name
  •  Not accessible via SSH
  •  No free SSL certificate

 Go directly to Hostinger to purchase web hosting

Wealthy Affiliate-Best for niche website hosting

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 1
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

Wealthy Affiliate hosting has many advantages. Because WA has a great community and has gathered many people who are keen to make money online, hosting is only a part of Wealthy Affiliate’s business, and it is not as monolithic as other hosting providers. If you want to start an online business by setting up a niche website, then Wealthy Affiliate hosting is the best choice. The best suggestion is to become its premium member. You only need $358 per year (Black Friday is $299/year), so you can On the host provided by WA, 25 websites with top-level domain names and 25 websites with free second-level domain names are established, a total of 50 websites.advantage:

  •  25 websites, an average of $1.19/mo
  •  Enterprise-level protection
  •  Fully redundant
  •  Site security
  •  Website reviews, good for SEO and website ranking
  •  Website feedback
  •  Community visit
  •  1 to 1 marketing guidance


  •  Monthly payment is more expensive, annual payment is cost-effective
  •  No free top-level domain
  •  Not accessible via SSH
  •  Only credit card or paypal payment

 Go directly to Wealthy Affiliate to purchase web hosting

Namecheap – excellent start plan

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 2
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

It is well known that namecheap is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world, but it also provides shared, managed hosting and virtual private servers. The Shared Hosting provided by Namecheap is reasonably priced, and at such a cheap price, it is rare to support 3 websites. Namecheap is a good choice, but it needs to increase its uptime. In addition, the company’s domain name transaction is very Great, but the hosting solution is not particularly advanced.advantage:

  •  Great value for money
  •  Free backup
  •  3 websites
  •  Intuitive user area interface
  •  30-day money-back guarantee
  •  Unlimited bandwidth


  •  Customer service support is not in place
  •  Not very fast

 Go directly to Namecheap to purchase web hosting

Namesilo cheap webhosting – the youngest host

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 3
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

Namesilo is a rising star in the field of virtual hosting. It initially gave people the impression that it provided domain name services, but around March 2019, they also began to get involved in the hosting business, so they also provided virtual hosting services. In general, if you plan to build a blog site and the domain name is also registered in namesilo, you can consider using the hosting provided by them directly. It is very convenient and they provide high-quality services. You can contact the online support staff to answer at any time. The response to your question is very timely.

The fly in the ointment is that the namesilo host does not provide daily backup services, but for personal blog sites, you can install a backup plug-in to solve this problem, because the backup plug-in can automatically back up and send website files to your mailbox. Of course, you can also manually complete the backup operation.advantage:

  •  Very competitive price
  •  7/24 support
  •  Free SSL
  •  WordPress is easy to install
  •  Cpanel
  •  20GB Storage


  •  No daily backup
  •  No free top-level domain

 Go directly to namesilo to purchase virtual hosting

HostGator cheap webhosting– the best beginner web hosting

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 4
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

HostGator may be one of the largest and oldest web hosting companies in the industry, but they are still improving, with an average uptime of 99.98% over the past 24 months. Their start plan is suitable for novices, provides free top-level domain names (com, net, org), and comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. Although their customer service is enthusiastic, sometimes it can’t solve your actual problems.advantage:

  •  Suitable for novices
  •  Free domain name
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Free SSL
  •  Free WordPress/cPanel/site migration
  •  45-day money-back guarantee


  •  Customer support is not very good
  •  Web pages load slowly

 Go straight to HostGator to purchase web hosting

Fastcomet cheap webhosting- stable server

16 cheap foreign web hosting rankings 5
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

FastComet is a relatively small company that has invested heavily in a huge modern infrastructure. Impeccable uptime, very good speed, excellent support, and a lot of technology for novices and experienced webmasters make FastComet a very powerful host.advantage:

  •  Free website migration
  •  Free domain name
  •  Website starter kit
  •  Free migration
  •  Free daily backup
  •  45-day money-back guarantee


  •  Domain name is not permanently free
  •  Traffic is limited
  •  In some cases, an installation fee is required
  •  Shared hosting without dedicated IP

 Go to Fastcomet to purchase web hosting

Dreamhost cheap webhosting- high-quality hosting and cloud hosting

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 6
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

Since its establishment in 1997, DreamHost has been an independent web hosting company with offices in Los Angeles and Brea, California, and Portland, Oregon. Over the years, DreamHost has been known for its generous 97-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting plans . It introduced cloud hosting and computing services to expand its product portfolio and improve reliability. Most of DreamHost’s packages are geared towards individuals and Startup company. It provides room for growth through dedicated servers and VPS hosting, and it also supports e-commerce.

The virtual hosts it provides are unlimited monthly traffic, which is particularly noticeable. If your website traffic is very large, you can consider using the hosting provided by Dreamhost.

Tip: Only purchase a 3-year plan to enjoy the $2.59/mo plan.advantage:

  •  Powerful safety function
  •  Unlimited monthly data
  •  Free domain name
  •  Automatic backup
  •  97-day money-back guarantee
  •  WordPress pre-installed


  •  No Cpanel
  •  Only paid migration
  •  No phone support

 Go directly to Dreamhost to purchase virtual hosting

HawkHost cheap webhosting – one stop hosting

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 7
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

If you are a newbie in the field of website hosting or have a new business, you need a host that can provide you with strong and reliable website hosting and provide other incentives such as customer support, integrated website builders, etc. Hawk hosting can be your choice. The host can become a value-for-money collection for small and medium enterprises. If you have a new company or blog and don’t mind paying extra to lock in a monthly web hosting plan, Hawk Host may be worth a try. For many small business owners who want to reduce risk, they don’t have to get the best deal two to three years in advance, which is a relief.advantage:

  •  10GB cloud disk
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Unlimited database
  •  Free Memcached server


  •  No online chat
  •  Selling personal information to third parties

 Go directly to HawkHost to purchase web hosting

Hostwinds-Hosting Expert

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 8
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

Hostwinds was founded in 2010, which makes it a younger hosting company compared to some large companies with a history of nearly 20 years. However, the deeper you understand the hosting world, you will find that Hostwinds has a good reputation, and it can be said that Hostwinds has become very popular.advantage:

  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Unlimited disk space
  •  Latest cPanel
  •  Free dedicated IP
  •  Unlimited email accounts


  •  Limited data server options
  •  Refunds have certain conditions

 Go directly to Hostwinds to purchase web hosting

Knownhost-High-performance virtual host

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 9
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

If you care about the performance of your website host, you should consider using KnownHost’s virtual host, which provides fully managed website hosts, which means they can solve all technical problems for you. In other words, you don’t need to be a computer professional to start your blog or niche website.

KnownHost not only promises to provide you with a 99.99% uptime rate, but it also prides itself on its super fast loading speed. After a full 2 ​​months of testing, we must agree to the first statement-our website has 100% uptime. The average response time is only 154ms.

It should be noted that: The $3.47/month plan is to be purchased for 3 years to enjoy this discountadvantage:

  •  Fully managed
  •  7/24 support
  •  Free SSL
  •  SSD cloud disk backup
  •  Free migration
  •  Unlimited premium bandwidth


  • Only 5GB cloud storage
  • Slightly higher price
  • Limited number of email accounts

 Go directly to Knownhost to purchase virtual hosts side business of domain registrars

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranking 10
Best 16 cheap Webhosting has grown from a simple domain name registrar to a provider of various web hosting plans, such as e-commerce, VPS and Linux hosting. They offer free domain names, unlimited disk space, drag-and-drop website builder and WordPress hosting.advantage:

  •  Unlimited storage space
  •  Scalable bandwidth
  •  One-stop shop for many website products
  •  Many domain name registration options


  • No cPanel

 Go directly to to purchase web hosting

a2hosting-fast, high-quality, green and environmentally friendly hosting

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranked 11
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

A2H is a green hosting company that cooperates with, a major company dedicated to reducing the impact of global climate change. Since 2007, A2 Hosting proudly claims to be 100% carbon neutral. Due to the geothermal cooling system, its Icelandic data center has no carbon footprint.

A2 Hosting is a leading developer-friendly hosting service provider that provides unlimited flexibility and all the features needed to build a website. They offer an industry-leading money-back guarantee at any time, so you can host your site through A2 Hosting risk-free. A2 Hosting has good prices and fast servers. Compared with competitors’ solutions, its page loading speed can be increased by up to 20 times.advantage:

  •  Industry-leading server speed
  •  Uptime commitment to reduce business losses due to interruptions
  •  A feature-rich plan suitable for sites of any size
  •  Backup, they keep 7 copies of your website


  • No free domain name
  • 35 concurrent HTTP connections

 Go directly to a2hosting to purchase virtual hosting

Siteground-popular host

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranked 12
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting service provider that provides users with many different hosting options. These include WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and even dedicated servers. Overall, SiteGround hosting is among the best of all web hosting companies in terms of uptime (99.99%) and speed (681ms). Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast and friendly. All plans come with CDN, SSL certificate and email account.advantage:

  •  10GB website space
  •  Daily backup
  •  Free email account
  •  30-day money back promise
  •  Free SSL
  •  First-class customer support


  • Renewal is expensive
  • Plan restrictions

 Go directly to Siteground to purchase virtual hosting

Bluehost-the most popular host

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranked 13
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

BlueHost is one of the most popular hosting companies, and you can often see its advertisements on other websites, so its popularity is quite high. However, as in many other areas outside of web hosting, the most popular option is not necessarily the best option in terms of quality. Our conclusion is that its server performance is below average, not suitable for resource-intensive heavy-duty sites, and the initial price is very low, but renewal is much more expensive.advantage:

  •  50 GB SSD storage
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  •  1 free domain name
  •  Easy to use interface
  •  Free SSL
  •  E-commerce plans and convenient marketing services for small businesses


  • Additional charges
  • No monthly shared hosting plan

 Go directly to Bluehost to purchase virtual hosts

Hostpapa-best for beginners and small businesses

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranked 14
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

HostPapa hosts more than 500,000 websites in data centers in the United States and Canada. It offers some attractive features in its hosting plan, and it mainly attracts small businesses. Its low start-up cost means that most people can afford the cheapest plan, although its update cost can be very expensive. Its small size attracts some people, but its limitations may discourage others. HostPapa is distinguished from other web hosts by a beginner-friendly host for small businesses and beginners.advantage:

  •  Value for money
  •  Excellent server performance
  •  Green hosting service
  •  The basic plan supports up to two websites
  •  Free SSL
  •  Free domain name, no hidden fees


  • Expensive renewal fees
  • Limited server locations
  • No free backup

 Go directly to Hostpapa to purchase web hosting

InMotion-Best Enterprise Host

16 cheap foreign web hosting ranked 15
Best 16 cheap Webhosting

If you are looking for a reasonably priced web hosting package in the market that offers a lot of excellent features, especially for WordPress, then Inmotion is the one you want to consider. We found them to be reliable, with fast servers, good uptime and excellent customer support. Their plans are suitable for all budget sizes, and shared plans are particularly useful for new blogs and business websites. We found them to be reliable, with fast servers, good uptime and excellent customer support. Their plans are suitable for all budget sizes, and shared plans are particularly useful for new blogs and business websites.advantage:

  • Free domain name
  • 2 websites
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  •  Infinite emaail
  • Marketing tools
  • Free SSL and security suite


  • Want the lowest price, you need to buy two years at a time
  • Not all plans support monthly payments
  • Missing Windows server

 Go directly to InMotion to purchase virtual hosting

Summary – Best 16 cheap Webhosting

Reading so far, have you made the right choice? If you plan to start your own niche website in 2020 to earn dollars, or before setting up a blog website, my suggestion is that you can register a domain name in advance, or choose a service provider that gives away domain names for free, because before that, for the website Finding a home is very difficult, because there are too many hosting service providers on the Internet, and here I have ranked them according to the price factor, hoping to help you.

In fact, it’s not necessary to use a virtual host to find a home for the website. If you have professional knowledge, manage Linux servers, and have a certain geek spirit, I guess you prefer a foreign VPS and own a cheap foreign VPS. , You can build v2ray at a low cost to visit foreign websites such as Google and youtube, maybe this blog post is more suitable for you.

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